2016 Scenic City Art Car Parade Branding & Marketing Materials

In 2015 I was recruited as a Americorps Maker VISTA volunteer for the local youth arts non-profit Art 120. Every year since 2010, Art 120 organizes the Scenic City Art Car parade.

Art Cars are essentially mobile sculptures on wheels. Created by some of the most creative people on earth, they range from a sports car covered in thousands of tiny mirrors to a giganic Radio Flyer Wagon.

For this project, I wanted to create a design that expressed the creative and essentric nature of these artists and the event. I also wanted to make it clear that it is a family friendly event, so I wanted to make it as welcoming as possible.


Original Art Car Poster

This is the first interation of the 2016 Scenic City Art Car Poster. I created an illustration that is both indicitive of the buildings of downtown Chattanooga as well as an abstracted shape of a car. For the text, I wanted to create a funky, almost music-like feel to typography. I also wanted to make sure that it was as legible as possible at all distances.

Second Art Car Poster

This is the second poster created for the entire weekend-long event. This version pushed the text up and moved the illustrations to the top left and right corners in order to have room to advertise the Art Car Ball as well.

Art Car Ball TV Spot

While the Art Car Ball is technically part of the Scenic City Art Car Weekend, we decided to go with a vastly different look & feel in order to convey that this is an event for adults. The months before the Art Car Parade, Art 120 worked together with the Chattanooga Public Library to create a David Bowie Art Car called Space Oddity. The photo in this advertisement is of the rocket boosters on Space Oddity which I digitally painted over to create the flame.
I also put a fair amount of effort into the heirarchy of this advertisement, making sure that the location, description, special guest, and date all were featured prominantly.

Art-Car-A-Van Advertisement

Another event that is a significant part of the Art Car Weekend is the Art-Car-A-Van. In order to bring in the Art Car Artists for the parade, Art 120 raises money for the Art-Car-A-Van. In a way, the Art-Car-A-Van is the main event while the Parade is a happy result of having so many Art Cars around.
The Art-Car-A-Van is a special "parade" itself, where Art 120 brings the Artists to disenfranchised schools in Hamilton County that do not have art programs. The Artists meet with the children, show them their art cars, and answer questions. Through this program, Art 120 has brought the arts to thousands of children.

Art Car Banner