tactical Tower Defense RTS

Destroy or protect

Paranoia reigns the great city of Italium, a long lived bastion of culture and power. Since the devastation of the Western Disjoint, the swift corruption of the mind threw the ill-fated piece of rock into a cyclone of war. The fate of the population is dictated by the seething distrust and animosity between Italium and Markum. You, the commander of Italium will decide the destiny of your city. Will you destroy or will you protect?

discover & obliterate

Electrical power no longer functions on the Western Disjoint. However, the ability to convert matter to power and vice versa allows the denizens of the Disjoint to live but also to destroy. Create Matter Conversion Towers to instantly convert your enemies to energy or build a Relativity Barrier to protect your city from those who would wish to harm you.

deliverance from the dark

By the dozens, pilgrims from neighboring planets find their way to the Western Disjoint believing they'll find a place of peace. Crash landing on the Wreck Plains, the wayward citizens of warring civilizations soon find themselves seeing visions of long deceased loved-ones or go into a rage, quickly finding their own escape. However, there is a small glimer in the distance.